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Subcontracting Strategy/Planning

  • Work with project team to develop subcontracting strategy.

  • Identify number of subcontracts, pricing strategy, and basic scopes of work with the project team.

  • Establish the quality requirements for anticipated subcontracts with the project team.

  • Identification of special handling, storage, and maintenance requirements with project team.

  • Site logistics planning with the project team.

       Identification of contract inquiry/bid             dates and durations

Subcontract Administration/Coordination

  • Monitor subcontractor’s construction activities and compliance to safety and quality requirements.

  • Evaluate requests for changes and initiate change orders with project team.

  • Coordination of subcontract work with other contractors and heavy lift equipment.

  • Provide contractor cost forecast.

  • Assist with schedule development and progress verification.

  • Verify and approve subcontractor payment schedules.

  • Work with project team to provide technical and commercial responses during the execution of the contract.

Architect on Building Site
Contract Signature

Contract Close-Out

  • Verify all punchlist items are completed with project team.

  • Verify contractor demobilized properly and there are no site restoration requirements.

  • Final approval of subcontractor payment schedule and retainage.

  • Evaluate contractor’s performance and archive for future reference.

      Provide Lessons Learned report and           review with project team for future                execution plans

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