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                           E&IC                              TESTING AND COMMISSIONING

Fiber Optic 

​Fiber testing encompasses the processes, tools, and standards used to test fiber optic components, fiber links, and deployed fiber networks. This includes optical and mechanical testing of discreet elements and comprehensive transmission tests to verify the integrity of complete fiber network installations.

  • Fiber Optic terminations 

  • Fiber Optic Splices 

  • Patch Panels set up

  • Continuity Testing

  • End to End Insertion Loss (OLTS)

  • OTDR testing 


​Alamo performs as a partner to assist EPC's and Industrial clients in the Precomm, commissioning and startup of new units. We plan, schedule, and provide the necessary resources to commission and startup your process units. Commissioning of a process unit is a multi-discipline function. However, the bulk of the work is shouldered by our instrumentation team.

  • Loop checks

  • Shutdown & Start-Up Commissioning 

  • Function Testing 

  • SIS/Interlocks Safety Systems

  • Total Process Control (Pneumatic & Electronic

  • ​Control System Troubleshooting

Electrical Circuit


  • Bus Inspection & Testing

  • Cable Testing / Fault Location

  • Current / Potential Transformer Services

  • Digital Fault Recorder Services

  • Generator Testing

  • Grounding System Survey

  • HV, MV, and LV Switchgear Services

  • Hi-pot Testing

  • Motor Testing

  • Power Transformer Services

  • Station Battery Services

  • Substation Services

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